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United Hatzalah

When emergencies occur, rapid medical treatment increases the chances of survival exponentially. United Hatzalah of Israel makes this a reality by bridging the gap between the time an emergency call is made and the time an ambulance arrives.

Using specially equipped motorcycle ambulances, United Hatzalah’s network of more than 6,000 volunteer medics help save thousands of lives each year across Israel by providing medical treatment in an average response time of three minutes or less.

Our humanitarian services are free, universal and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our cost to save one life is $500, join us and become an active partner in saving lives.

Race Leadership

Alex Goldberg, Co-Chair

Daniel Beroukhim Co-Chair

Captains in Formation

Jesse Abrams

Tair Aviani

Tzvi Barkai

Daniel Beroukhim

Nikia Blumenthal

Natanel Cannon

Elana Carr

Jacqueline Cohen

Danielle David

Limor Dawoody

Elliot Decter

Eli Eisenberger

Marcelle Farhi

Jen Felsher

Kim Fish

Gavy Friedson

Michael Gans

Devo Gilbert

Irv Gottesman

Rachel Haar

Rena Harkham

Leon Hason

Sheba and Orian Hourizadeh-Barzilay

Jon Jacobson

Elliot Julis

Carolyn Kangavari

Jason Katz

Elana Kessler

Asher Lichtman

Simi Lichtman

Brian Moskowitz

Michelle Namdar

Shamira Iancu Nuriel

Judah Portnoy

Nicole Rahimzadeh

Ethan Shirian

Miriam Tennenbaum

Sarah Ungerman

Brad Yellen

Chani Weichselbaum

James Weiss

On an average day, United Hatzalah volunteers respond to 1,800 calls. These include:


Road accidents


Birth emergencies


Head injuries


Severe injuries


Light injuries


Cardiac and CPR callouts


External burns


Unconscious patients

The impact of these individual acts of lifesaving and medical support each day not only helps those who directly receive it but also has ramifications upon the thousands of people whose family members are helped by our volunteers. And all at no cost to those we help.